BOM’S Weather

The critics of the Book of Mormon claim there are too many unanswered questions relative to the Book of Mormon to be true.  For example, they say there is no evidence of the horses or elephants in Central America where so many Mormon scholars have placed Book of Mormon territory, nor are the grains noted in the Book of Mormon found, such as corn, wheat and barley. Even their directional designations are squawked.
Mesoamerican theorists aim their attacks on those who espouse a Great Lakes setting, arguing that none of the metals mentioned in the Book of Mormon can be found to the east of the Rocky Mountains, that the weather was too cold, and that it was likely one of the volcanoes around the Pacific Rim near Central America that caused the three days of darkness noted at the time of the Savior’s death. thus, videos on each of these subjects can be found in My Video Channel on this website.

The Weather During Book of Mormon Times

The subject of the weather during Book of Mormon times is probably the most often asked question in regards to the New York setting, with Mesoamerican advocates scoffing at the idea that the Lamanites could wear nothing but loin cloths in the cold and snow of New York. For that reason I put together a short video which addresses that issue nicely.