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The Lost Sheep of Ancient America (Nov. 2015)

Lost-Sheep-of-Ancient-America--CFI final v-133x200The Lost Sheep of Ancient America is an adventure in discovery which takes the reader through 4000 years of history from the tower of Babel to the Restoration. The reader will quickly discover that other people besides the Nephites and Jaredites lived in the promised land, including Giants, Druids, and various Celtic races, all of which played some part in the pre-history of America. Yet all the available evidence points to the overwhelming presence of the royal lines of Israel’s tribe of Judah, both the line of Perez, who fathered the Mulekites, and his twin brother Zarah, who spawned a line of kings throughout much of the western world. The merger of the two lines, who ultimately came together in America, along with Nephites from the tribe of Joseph, who held the birthright in Israel, presents a whole new picture of the New World and its ancient occupants than has previously been known.

“I stand amazed at the talent and insight of Phyllis Olive to open my mind to think deeper and ponder what I have never thought of before. Her thousands of hours of research and then organizing her thoughts and findings into this book astounds me. She is someone to be respected and listened to. Her conclusions and insight blows my mind. You cannot discard them. She is amazing!” (Ginger Ewell, owner and operator of Latter-day tours. 37 years teaching early morning Seminary and 27 years adult religion classes.)

Book Review-Mormon Times/Deseret News/ January 7, 2016

In her book, “The Lost Sheep of the Book of Mormon,” Phyllis Carol Olive takes readers from the tower of Babel to the Restoration of the Book of Mormon in a compelling and convincing literary experience that will make you want to read the Book of Mormon — again.
This book spans 4,000 years, tracing the possible routes the Nephites and Jaredites took from Jerusalem, around Africa and to the eastern United States, where Olive and other scholars believe the Nephites, Jaredites and other tribes and races settled. The book then continues to tell a chronological story all the way through to the Restoration. Olive shares evidence from both archaeological and geographical standpoints. The author writes about evidence placing bones that point to a large battle near the Hill Cumorah, as well as other remains pointing to other tribes and civilizations. The geographical evidence included in the book suggests earthquakes and hidden lakes that were written about in the Book of Mormon around the time Jesus Christ visited the Americas and many more. This book can help bring to life the Book of Mormon. Readers both old and young can more completely imagine what took place all those years ago as it gives a more detailed description of where the events in the Book of Mormon might have taken place. This book is a great read and serves as a great companion to studying the Book of Mormon.
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The Lost Lands of the Book of Mormon

bk-Lost Land of BOM_200x100The Lost Lands of the Book of Mormon takes the reader back in time to an era when ancient waters and primeval forests covered New York from one end to the other. Journey with the author through that ancient setting and discover just why the lands of the Book of Mormon have been lost for such a long time. The book is liberally illustrated with maps to help the reader discover the uncanny similarities between the numerous geographical descriptions found in the Book of Mormon and the lands of western New York. By following carefully worded geographical descriptions recorded by various ancient Book of Mormon scribes, and by careful attention to such things as geology, archaeology, hydrology and mineralogy, the lost lands of the Book of Mormon emerge in an area not more than 80 miles from the Hill Cumorah in New York State. Journey with the author through that ancient setting and discover not only those landmarks and long-forgotten seas that once defined borders and land, but evidence that the ancient people who once occupied that region fought battles of complete extermination in the vicinity of the Hill Cumorah.



The Lost Empires and Vanished Races of the Book of Mormon

Bk cov-lost emires-200x100The Lost Empires and Vanished Races of the Book of Mormon adds upon the information given in The Lost Lands of the Book of Mormon by moving beyond the initial lands the Nephites came to settle and their subsequent involvement in the Hopewell mound building culture centered in Ohio. The division of the Lamanites into various tribes is also discussed, along with the areas they came to settle both before and after the terrible battle at Cumorah. The subsequent rise of the Gentile Nations in the promised land adds more intrigue to the history of the Lamanites whose people have been scattered and driven from the lands of the fathers to the western prairies where they await the fulfillment of prophesied blessings yet to come.


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